16 May 2024






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On Tuesday 14th May, 2024 the 85 metre Lurssen built superyacht GIGIA left Melita Marine Shipyard after spending nearly 7 months drydocked inside the 102 metres floating dock NAZLAB.

Last Year on Monday 23rd October, 2023 when she shifted from MMH with Harbour Pilot aboard towards the dock an article was issued –

Scaffolding around the superyacht was done by the leading scaffolding & access solutions firm based here in the Island of Malta which holds 5 fully certified scaffold encapsulations completed to the highest of industry standards to service the superyacht industry.

Makaw Scaffolding  – who they appreciate our Maritime Work are our SPONSORS too for a lifetime.

On completion of undocking from the floating dock NAZLAB, she performed sea trials and entered Manoel Island Marina for berthing.

Floating Dock NAZLAB  is part of Melita Marine Group – who they appreciate our work and are part of our SPONSORS too.




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