13 May 2023






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CORY is a recycling and waste management company based in London. Originally founded as William Cory & Son in 1896, the company has operated vessels on the River Thames for more than 125 years, transporting a range of commodities and materials including coal, oil, aggregates and waste. Ships from Cory’s fleet supported Britain’s war efforts in both world wars, with 30 ships being lost during the conflicts. From the 1980s onwards, the business has become increasingly focused on waste management.

Cory receives around 785,000 tonnes of non-recyclable black bag waste a year, enough to fill St Paul’s Cathedral 12 times! 89 per cent comes to our riverside waste transfer stations.

In May 2023 CORY took delivery of the first of 23 barges built by the Belfast Shipyard Harland & Wolff.


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