18 June 2020






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Ship to ship cargo transfer operations are seen more and more as vessels’ size grows in comparison with ports’ and terminals’ size. In order to avoid the traffic bottle neck, many terminals and ports encourage the STS operation as a solution to delays. STS transfer constitutes one of the most common, but also high risk operations in shipping. These operations should be carefully planned and executed by familiar and trained crews following strict and detailed risk based procedures.

STS transfer is most frequent for liquid cargoes, but also applies for dry cargo. The operation may be conducted with both vessels at anchor or, in some cases, may be conducted underway. This is one of the safest operations (as minimum number of pollution or other incidents have been marked), but it is listed as high risk operation, as several factors and considerations should be taken into account.

Various work boats are employed during these operations and one of them is the Norwegian built LEDRA PRIDE. Built in 1981 by Simek at Flekkefjord as STANDBY PRIDE she traded until January 1983 of which was renamed to GRAMPIAN PRIDE with orange hull like all Grampian Vessels by North Star Shipping, Aberdeen, UK. In 2015 she was acquired by Ledra Ena Shipping Ltd of Limassol Cyprus and renamed as LEDRA PRIDE of which on Tuesday 2nd June she entered Valletta during her delivery voyage.

She left Grand Harbour on Wednesday 3rd June bound to Limassol, Cyprus

And today Wednesday 18th June, 2020 she was spotted wearing blue livery like all Ledra Ena vessels assisting STS Operations off Kalamata, Greece

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Published – Thursday 18th June, 2020

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