Venezia Lines – San Frangisk and San Pawl

VENEZIA LINES  is a high speed ferry  operator that operated its first trip in May 2003 in the North Adriatic. It links the North Adriatic’s coasts of Italy and Croatia. Venezia Lines Ltd is sister company to VIRTU FERRIES Ltd, a Maltese owned company with over 25 years experience in providing a high speed catamaran services in […]

LOCAL SHIPPING – SES SAN FRANGISK – Week 14 – 2018. During Week 14 of 2018 the 1989 built High Speed Craft SAN FRANGISK was slipped at Slip 6, Manoel Island Yacht Yard. She’s owned by Virtu Ferries Limited and operated by Venezia Lines Ltd operating with her sister SAN PAWL sailing in the North Adriatic […]

NAVAL MOVEMENTS – USS WASP LHD 1 at Malta – 04.03.2004 The 1989 commissioned Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ship USS WASP LHD 1 the leading ship of her class was seen entering Valletta, Malta on Thursday 4th March 2004 in the afternoon after weather improved due to high swell during a four day port visit.USS WASP […]