Maltese Islands – Tal-Mixta Cave, Gozo

One of Gozo’s hidden gems found on the outskirts of Nadur Village is TAL-MIXTA CAVE .The secluded cave provides a perfect panoramic view of the splendid red sands of RAMLA L-HAMRA beach and the terraced fields all through the valley. Findings of Bronze Age pottery, in and surrounding the grotto, have affirmed the fact that […]

Maltese Islands – Dahlet Qorrot at Gozo

DAHLET QORROT is a small inlet found in the northern cliffs of Gozo, between Qala and Nadur. In this bay with a tiny gravel beach you can find several boathouses which had been dug in the soft limestone with Maltese Traditional Coloured Doors. Public Restrooms are opened all year round while during the Summer Season there’s also a small […]