BFT Season 2024 – 4 Turkish Purse Seiners at Valletta, Malta – 25.05.2024

The eastern bluefin (BFT) migration has supported valuable fisheries in the Mediterranean since antiquity. Initially based on hand lines and beach seines, these fisheries were dominated after the 16th century by tuna cages placed in the path of migrating tuna. After the expansion of purse seines and longlines in the Atlantic (in the 1950s) and […]

Fishing Vessels – Greek Purse Seiner APOLLON 01

One of the few Greek fishing vessels that used to be seen during the Blue Fin Tuna (BFT) Season was the 1986 built purse seiner APOLLON 01.  She was built in Greece in 1986 with a length (loa) of 23.90 m , beam of 6.20 m and maximum draft of 3,30 m. She’s homeported at […]