Opinion – Terms in Shipping at Malta – 25.11.2023

Looking at certain ship photos caption it’s either you laugh or you cry. Most of the funniest shipping terms comes from the Media but when you see certain photographers that are involved in shipping photography you will say – Are you Serious ?? 🙂 CHARTERING is the term used to name the renting of a […]

Local Shipping – Luzzu Cruises Passenger Boat HELENA G

One of the Inland Passenger Boats around the Maltese Islands is the 2006 built GRP hull HELENA G. Named for the wife of the owner (G stands for surname as Gheiti) she was seen at the Hardstanding Facilities, Marsaxlokk Harbour few days after she was brought to Malta back in 2009. She was built in […]

Local Boats – GRECALE

At the southern part of Malta at the fishing village one can find an interesting 20 metre vessel GRECALE.  She was built in 1980 as an Italian Military Diving Boat L’ARTIGLIO based on Guardia Di Finanza Meattini Class Patrol Craft. On 16th January 2007 she was registered with the Maltese Registry and after working with Ta’ Mattew Fisheries […]