Palumbo Superyachts – PEGASUS VIII – November 2022 to April 2023

One of the superyachts that uses various facilities at Malta , is the 2003 built 78.6 metres superyacht PEGASUS VIII. She was built by Royal Denship A/S, Denmark as the PRINCESS MARIANA and renamed to PEGASUS V in May 2011 as white hull of which she was seen entering Grand Harbour Marina (GHM) 2 months […]

Palumbo Superyachts Refit – 55m yacht SAMAX – May to July 2021

A Dutch built lady – SAMAX which is not a newcomer to Malta recently was drydocked at Palumbo Superyachts. She entered Grand Harbour on Saturday 29th May at 0632 hrs coming from the Middle East via Suez berthing at Somerset Wharf. SAMAX was built by Feadship at the Royal Van Lent Shipyard as 775CLAIRE and […]

Yachting – Superyacht TANGO at Malta again – January 2021.

After nearly an absence of 7 years at the Maltese Islands the Dutch built superyacht TANGO entered Grand Harbour, Malta on Tuesday 26th January, 2021 at 1217 hrs coming from Fethiye, Turkey and berthing at Pinto 1 wharf, part of Valletta Cruise Port. TANGO was launched by Feadship and the Royal Van Lent Yard at […]

Yachting – Putin’s Superyacht GRACEFUL at Malta – 03.11.2020

On Tuesday 3rd November, 2020 the 82 metre 2014 built superyacht GRACEFUL entered Grand Harbour, Malta bound to Palumbo Malta Superyachts. It seems that she’s owned by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and homeported at Road Harbour with Virgin Islands flag (VGB). She was built at the Russian Sevmash Shipyard near Arkhangelsk, Sevmash is known for building nuclear […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 36 of 2018

Monday 3rd September, 2018. At 0319 hrs the 1979 built BLZ flag cement carrier GOLDEN BAY entered Valletta berthing at Fuel Wharf.    At 1520 hrs the cargo ship EDRO IV left Valletta from Magazine Wharf. At 1953 hrs the general cargo ship LINGEDIJK left Valletta from Palumbo Malta Superyachts Dock 3.       Thursday 6th September, 2018. At 1441 hrs the 1992 built PAN flag cargo […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 35 of 2018

Monday 27th August, 2018. At 1743 hrs the 1979 built BLZ flag cement carrier GOLDEN BAY entered Valletta berthing at Laboratory Wharf.      At 1940 hrs the 1992 built PAN flag cargo ship NS HELSE left Valletta from Fuel Wharf. At 1947 hrs the 1982 built KNA flag cargo ship RENATA entered Valletta berthing at Fuel Wharf. Tuesday 28th August, 2018. At 1720 […]

23 Years Ago – 9 Dockyard Workers Killed in UM EL FAROUD Tragedy 23 years ago, 3rd February 1995 around 2215/2225 hrs an explosion on board the Libyan tanker UM EL FAROUD drydocked at Malta Drydocks Dock no 3 tragically claiming the lives of nine workers ripped the midships section. She entered drydocking on 30th January after 1400 hrs. […]