DYNAMIC MANTA EXERCISE 2018 – FS LANGUEDOC D 653 The French Participation for Dynamic Manta Exercise 2018 is a FREMM Frigate – D 653 FS LANGUEDOC. She was commissioned on the 16th March 2016 and built by Naval Group, Lorient formerly DCNS in France.She was spotted berthed at Banchina 13 at Catania Port on Friday 2nd […]

DYNAMIC MANTA EXERCISE 2018 – HS MATROZOS S 122 The Hellenic Navy Submarine Participation for Dynamic Manta Exercise 2018 is with the Type 214 Class or as Papanikolis Class HS MATROZOS S 122.She was commissioned on the 23rd June 2016 and built by Hellenic Shipyards at Skaramangas in Greece.She was spotted berthed at Banchina 12 […]

DYNAMIC MANTA EXERCISE 2018  Dynamic Manta is one of two annual NATO-led maritime Anti-Submarine Warfare interoperability exercises. Manta is conducted in the Mediterranean and the other ASW exercise, Dynamic Mongoose, is conducted in the North Atlantic region. The aim of this exercise is to provide all participants with complex and challenging warfare training to enhance their interoperability and […]