Naval News – German Navy Frigate F 207 FGS BREMEN scrap – November 2021

On Wednesday 13th October, 2021 the German Navy Type 122 Class Frigate FGS BREMEN F 207 left Wilhelmshaven for the last time and last voyage towed to the breakers at Aliaga, Turkey by tug ONYX which passed off Malta on the 7th November 2021. She was the lead ship of the class known as the Bremen Class, […]

Naval Visits – FGS U 35 S185 – 16-19.09.2021

One of the 6th submarine Type 212 Class of the German Navy FGS U35 with pennant number as S 185 paid a diplomatic visit at Grand Harbour, Malta on Thursday 16th September of which she passed breakwaters at 0902 hrs. Berthing Preparations commenced on Wednesday 15th September using for the first time 2 Pneumatic Floating […]

Naval News – FGS GORCH FOCK A 60 refit repair problems

The GORCH FOCK is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name and a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both ships are named in honour of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym “Gorch Fock” and died in the battle of Jutland/Skagerrak in 1916. She is sometimes referred to (unofficially) as […]

Former Military – Yacht PRINCESSE at Malta – 16.08.2007

A wooden 47.40 metre boat PRINCESSE homeported in Panama with Panama (PAN) flag called at Valletta back to Thursday 16th August 2007 berthing at Pinto 3 Wharf for water supply and bunkering by road trucks. She’s the former Bundesmarine (West Germany) Schutze Class Inshore minesweeper M 1056 RIGEL which was launched on the 2nd April […]

Naval News – German Submarine FGS U 36 ran aground – 14.05.2019

The German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg, Germany Der Spiegel reported that a German Navy submarine ran aground in Norwegian waters shortly after she left port on Tuesday, May 14. The Type 212 submarine FGS U 36 S186 ran aground after she left the Royal Norwegian Navy base at Haakonsvern, the German Navy confirmed one day […]

Local Shipping – MUMTAZ

During 2016 the 45m oil products tanker MUMTAZ formerly GAC MUMTAZ was seen operating inside Maltese Territorial Waters and OPL for the Maltese company – Mumtaz Maritime Co. Ltd. She was built at Dubai Drydock at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2002, bearing IMO 9268514; 499 GRT and homeported at Valletta, Malta. She […]