Dredging – Second Call for GRANE R at Valletta – 02 – 04.09.2022

Infrastructure Malta has commenced dredging works to help improve safety and navigability inside Grand Harbour using the  the 2010 built DP 2 multi purpose offshore vessel GRANE R that entered Grand Harbour on Friday 2nd September at 0640 hrs. The project aims to remove tonnes of silt and other sediment from the seabed in the […]

Casualties – Cargo Ship KALELI ANA aground – 19.12.2021

On Sunday 19th December the 1976 built 101 metre Cargo Ship KALELI ANA ran aground while loaded with 6,554 tons of corn from Reni, Ukraine on her way to Famagusta, Cyprus. The accident occurred on the left bank of the Sulinsky Canal, Romania due to a problem of the steering system. Regular shipping traffic continued […]

Cargo News – Cargo Ships at Valletta – November 2021.

A cargo ship or freighter is a merchant ship that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another. Thousands of cargo carriers ply the world’s seas and oceans each year, handling the bulk of international trade. Cargo ships are usually specially designed for the task, often being equipped with cranes and other mechanisms to load and unload, and come in all sizes. Below we […]

Breaking Up – 1960 built cargo ship NAZ-K – 08.03.2001

One of the 1960 built ships that used to call at Grand Harbour, Malta to discharge cement in bulk was the Turkish owned general cargo ship NAZ-K. She was built in 1960 by William Denny and Brothers Limited at Dumbarton in Scotland with yard no 1495 as PHYLLIS BOWATER for Bowater Steamship Co Ltd, London, […]

Mgarr Harbour – LARK – 25.07.2007

One of the ships that used to call at Mgarr Harbour, Gozo was the 1976 built ship LARK. She was built in Japan by Shimanami Shipyard at Imabari as ALAND trading until 1983 where she was renamed to HOOGEN trading until April 1994 where she was sold to Turkish interests and renamed as LARK homeported […]

Cement Carriers – GOLDEN BAY

An interesting cement carrier that calls at Grand Harbour, Malta is the 1979 built vessel GOLDEN BAY. She was built in Scotland by Robb Caledon Dundee at Dundee as yard no 572 bearing the name of GOLDEN BAY homeported in Auckland and flagged in New Zealand (NZL) with call sign as ZMGB. Early in her […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 44 of 2018

Tuesday 30th October, 2018. At 0632 hrs KURIKOMA left Valletta from DWQ 1. At 0640 hrs the 2018 built PAN flag refrigerated cargo ship ASTRAEA entered Valletta on her maiden call berthing at DWQ 1.             At 0811 hrs NS KORALLE left Valletta from Laboratory Wharf South 2. At 0830 hrs the 1979 built […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 42 of 2018

Monday 15th October, 2018. At 1144 hrs the 1996 built PAN flag and Japanese owned refrigerated cargo ship KURIKOMA entered Valletta for Pinto 3 Wharf.       Tuesday 16th October, 2018. At 0526 hrs KURIKOMA left Valletta from Pinto 3 Wharf. At 1637 hrs the 2015 built JPN flag and owned refrigerated cargo ship GOUTA MARU entered Valletta for DWQ 1. […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 38 of 2018

Monday 17th September, 2018. At 1507 hrs EDRO IV left Valletta from DWQ 4..        At 1800 hrs NS TERA shifted at Valletta from Fuel Wharf to Laboratory Wharf South 2. Tuesday 18th September, 2018. At 0616 hrs the 2007 built TUR flag general cargo ship SELAHATTIN ASLAN 2 entered Valletta berthing at Magazine Wharf. Wednesday 19th September, 2018. At 1856 hrs SELAHATTIN ASLAN 2 left Valletta […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta – Week 37 of 2018

Monday 10th September, 2018. At 1559 hrs the 2017 built LBR flag bulker SBI PARAPARA entered Valletta bound to Palumbo Malta Shipyard for drydocking at Dock 4. At 1912 hrs EDRO IV left Valletta from Magazine Wharf.       At 1950 hrs NS TERA left Valletta from Fuel Wharf. At 2024 hrs the 1995 built PAN flag general cargo ship KLEDES […]