On Friday 3rd July, 2020 the NGO SOS Mediterranee ship OCEAN VIKING with rescued illegal immigrants in Central Mediterranean has issued a state of emergency after 6 souls embarked attempted suicide in 24 hours, 2 of them that went on a hunger strike. “This is an unprecedented step in the history of SOS Mediterranée, triggered […]

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – More illegal immigrants arrive at Lampedusa – 20.05.2020.

137 illegal immigrants rescued in Italian Territorial Waters by Guardia Costiera and Guardia Di Finanza Bigliani Class G126 SALVATORE DE ROSA entered Lampedusa on Wednesday 20th May. Disembarkation was done at Favarolo di Lampedusa quay with total – 77 men; 57 women and 6 minors from Totale 138 – 54 donne, 78 uomini, 6 minori […]

Shipyards – Fincantieri offices raided – 06.11.2019

A host of companies linked to Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri have been accused of corruption, fraud and worker exploitation. Italian finance police (Guardia Di Finanza) raided offices of several companies working for Fincantieri on Wednesday 6th November 2019. 34 people are under investigation for alleged “systematic exploitation” of foreign workers, mainly from Bangladesh and Albania in […]

Naval News – Italian Navy Ship ITS CAPRERA involved in smuggling cigarettes

An Italian naval vessel was used to smuggle crates of cigarettes while returning from a mission to stop migrants from travelling from Libya to Europe, the navy confirmed on Wednesday September 19th 2018 after revelations in the press. The Gorgona Class Transport Ship (named as Moto Trasporto Costiero – MTC)  ITS CAPRERA A 5349  had aboard […]

DRUG BUST – 10 tons of Cannabis – June 2018. Italy’s Guardia di Finanza (GDF) finance police boarded and searched a Dutch Flag fishing vessel QUEST around 130 nautical miles southeast of Sicily after tracking the vessel from the air for two days, seizing over 10 tonnes of cannabis resin worth up to 20 million euros in a […]