Fishing – Fishing Vessels Movements from 22.05 – 29.05.2021

Maltese aquaculture produce is almost entirely exported to European and Asian markets. Over 65 percent of annual landings originates from the tuna and dolphin fish fisheries, which contribute about 56 percent in value terms (about US$ 6 million). Blue Fin Tuna (BFT) Season is on the way too. Here are some of Week 20/21 interesting movements – […]

Fishing – Italian stern trawler GISTERODA

One of the Italian steel hull stern trawlers that had been working for Maltese Tuna Ranches Operators during the Blue Fin Tuna (BFT) Season is the GISTERODA. She was built in 2001 in Italy by Cantiere Navale Di Ortona at Ortona as ERICA trading until 2009; PIETRO PADRE until 2011 and ENZA D until 2013. […]