BFT Season 2005 – 45 meters Icelandic Trawler EYBORG at Malta

During the early stages of Blue Fin Tuna (BFT) fishing industry, several interesting vessels were engaged in towing tuna cages with one of them was the Icelandic 44.95 meters trawler EYBORG built at Estaleiros Sao Jacinto in Aveiro, Portugal in 1994. During June 1992 her keel was laid and 6 months later she was launched, […]

BFT Season 2023 – Morrocan Purse Seiner SAAD ALLAH – 31.05.2023

The eastern bluefin migration has supported valuable fisheries in the Mediterranean since antiquity. Initially based on hand lines and beach seines, these fisheries were dominated after the 16th century by tuna cages placed in the path of migrating tuna. After the expansion of purse seines and longlines in the Atlantic (in the 1950s) and in […]

Casualties – WILSON SKAW aground – 19.04.2023

On Wednesday 19th April, 2023 the 1996 built general cargo ship WILSON SKAW ran aground at Húnaflói bay, off the north coast of Iceland carrying 2,000 tons of salt and 195 tons of oil . She was on passage from Ceuta, Spain to Holmavik, Iceland. On Friday 21st April the vessel was freed by the […]

Research/Survey Vessel – KOMMANDOR STUART

An approved DP1 survey vessel with a proven track record in the North Sea and Arctic is the 1976 built KOMMANDOR STUART owned by Hays Ships, UK . She was built in Norway at Sterkoder Mekaniske Verksted in Kristiansund as yard no 58 as the Icelandic Ferry HERJOLFUR trading until Sepember 1993. Then she was […]

FISHING – Newbuilt Trawlers bound to Iceland at Malta – 24.04.2018 Two Newbuilt Skipasyn designed 50.7 metre long with a beam of 12.8 metre trawlers PALL PALSSON with fishing number IS 102 and the BREVIK with fishing number VE 61 stopped at Valletta, Malta for bunkers and stores on Tuesday 24th April, 2018 while enroute to iceland […]