Fishing Vessels – TOK TOK

A British built fishing vessel which ended her years in black events was the 1975 built TOK TOK. She was originally the Petershead Tynedraft 86 Class Fishing Vessel GOLDEN DAWN bearing fishing matricola PD 211 and later while she was delivered to Maltese owners she was flying Irish (IRL) Flag and with matricola as BS […]

Maltese Fishing Vessels – 1975 built GOLDEN DAWN

One of the United Kingdom (UK) based fishing vessels bought locally was the 1975 built GOLDEN DAWN. She was built at Cubow Ltd, Woolwich, London as yard no 704 for Skipper A. Cowe (later to become assistant harbour master at Peterhead) as GOLDEN DAWN with fishing matricola as PD 211. She was a Tynedraft 86 […]

Tanker News – After 3 years in Libyan jail RUTA crew members return home – June 2020

After almost three and a half years behind bars in Libya, 14 members of the crew of the tanker RUTA returned home after a special flight by the Ukranian Air Force on 19th June, 2020 which landed at Boryspil International Airport – Entering Grand Harbour, Malta back to 5th June, 2014 President Volodymyr Zelenskyy […]

Iran Tensions – Panama Confirms Tanker Seized by Iran Was Smuggling Oil – 21.07.2019

Panama’s Maritime Administration (AMP) condemned Sunday the use of Panamanian flagged (PAN) ships for illicit acts, confirming that the tanker RIAH seized by Iran was in fact smuggling oil. Last week the tanker RIAH, stopped transmitting its location on Saturday while sailing through the Strait of Hormuz. Her last known location was in Iranian waters. “We […]

SEIZED – Libya’s Naval Forces Seized Tanker LAMAR  – 14.03.2018. On Wednesday 14th March, 2018 Libya’s naval forces seized a TGO flag bunkering tanker LAMAR in the territorial waters without permissions from the state of Libya and arrested her Greek crew on suspicion they planned to smuggle oil out of the North African country. Libya’s […]