Livestock Ships – GANADO EXPRESS and SHORTHORN EXPRESS at Malta – 08.08.2022

On Monday 8th August , the 135 metre livestock carrier GANADO EXPRESS and the 117 metres SHORTHORN EXPRESS entered Grand Harbour berthing alongside each other at MMH. First to enter was the 2013 built GANADO EXPRESS at 0859 hrs with 2 tugs assisting. She was built at China by COSCO Guangdong Shipyard at Dongguan with […]

Scrap Iron – WILSON AVILES at Malta – June 2021.

Metal waste is exported in Malta and from time to time, ships call at Grand Harbour, Malta berthing at Laboratory Wharf South 2 for loading scrap iron bound to Turkey. Another interesting shipment was seen in June 2021 when on Monday 7th June, 2021 the 88 metre long Luxembourg Flag (LUX) but Norwegian owned ship […]

Palumbo Malta Shipyard – Pipe Burying Vessel TIGER – 29.10.2018

From Monday 29th October at 1504 hrs to Wednesday 31st October at 1209 hrs the 2012 built LUX flag pipe burying vessel TIGER was berthed at Parlatorio Wharf at Palumbo Malta Shipyard. She was built at Xinhe Shipbuilding Heavy Industry at Tianjin, China as Motor Hopper and converted at Reimerswaal Shipyard at Hansweert at The […]