AFM – Former RNAF Alouette III Helicopters at Malta – 20.09.2019

Last June 2019 preparations from the Netherlands to Malta were being made after the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) purchased 2 SA316B Alouette III helicopters completed with main rotor blades and engines. Discussions between the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNAF), AFM, NUNNER Logistics B.V – the ocean airfreight Operations in the Netherlands together with O&S […]

Shipping Lines – Minoan Lines

One of the largest passenger ferry companies in Europe, and one of the dominant passenger ferry companies in Greece is the MINOAN LINES. The company was founded in May 1972. During January 2008, Sea Star Capital (ANEK LINES owners) signed an agreement with Grimaldi’s Compagnia di Navigazione SpA to sell its 26.7 percent stake in […]

Illegal Immigration – Sea-Watch launches European Mission – November 2018

Together with the Spanish organization Proactiva Open Arms and the Italian partner project Mediterranea, SEA-WATCH 3 said it has returned to the SAR Area off Libya. Previously, the ship had been detained in Malta for almost four months. The fleet of three ships from three countries – OPEN ARMS,MARE JONIO and SEA-WATCH 3 which is […]

World’s Largest Helicopter in Malta – MIL MI-26 The World’s Largest Helicopter, the MIL Mi-26 was seen in Malta exactly 3 years ago back to 21st April, 2015. She was on a ferry flight registered as RA-06029. during 2013 she was spotted in Sudan wearing United Nations (UN) colours.The Mil Mi-26 (Russian: Миль Ми-26 and NATO reporting […]