Opinion – Where is the Maritime Law Enforcement ???

Maritime Law Enforcement can refer to the act of upholding maritime laws, as well as the agencies who run these assignments. This includes domestic maritime law enforcement and assisting with international maritime law enforcement. In Malta we have the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) that through her Maritime Squadron has the responsibility for the security of Maltese territorial […]

Barracuda 2024 Exercise – Malta-Italy Bilateral Exercise – May 2024

Malta’s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, intersecting major shipping lanes linking the east and west, underscores both its strength and vulnerability to maritime incidents. Recognising the imperative to safeguard its vital tourism industry, ports, and desalination plants, Transport Malta (TM) explained that ”Malta has diligently worked over the past decade to […]

Barges – Cassar’s barges during Malta International Fireworks Festival 2024 – April 2024

The 23rd edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival is here with Local Licensed Fireworks Factories & Clubs to organize traditional fireworks displays. These Local Licensed Factories are required to serve as a transition between one display and another, and they will also have dedicated days to show their amazing work throughout the Festival. Festival took off last […]

State Visit – Pope Francis at Gozo – 02.04.2022

Malta welcomed His Holiness Pope Francis during his Apostolic visit to the country from Saturday 2nd April to Sunday 3rd April of which on Saturday 2nd April he visited the sister island of Gozo. The island of Gozo was wearing Holy Week dress and Vatican City Flags mounted on road roundabouts, balconies, roof flagpoles etc […]

Maltese Fishing Vessels – 1971 built CARMELA

One of the North Sea Standby Safety Vessel that was bought locally in Malta was the 1971 built steel hulled CARMELA. She was brought to Malta early 90’s as CAM SPRITE sporting black hull and was based at Mgarr Harbour, Gozo. She was built in UK by W. R. Cunis Ltd., Woolwich as FARID with […]