Passer By – DIAN KINGDOM engaged in towing – 08.08.2020

On Saturday 8th August the 2015 built tug DIAN KINGDOM engaged in towing operations was spotted passing by 65 nautical miles North East (NE) off Malta She was towing the 1998 built offshore supply ship HIGHLAND ROVER for her final voyage from Corporation Quay at Sunderland, UK bound to breakers for scrap at Aliaga, Turkey. […]

Special Purpose Vessels – Floating Dock DOCK 5 – 20.07.2020

Danish family owned ship repair company, Orskov Yard’s newbuilt 180 metres long floating Dock DOCK 5 was delivered on Friday 10th July, 2020 at Hat-San Shipyard in Turkey. On Wednesday 8th May 2019 the steel cutting ceremony for the DOCK 5 took place at Hat-San shipyard. On Monday 9th September, 2019 DOCK 5 was launched […]

Casualties – MARAYA disabled – 09.12.2019

On Monday 9th December 2019 at 2016 hrs the palletised cargo ship MARAYA entered Valletta towed by 2 tugs LIENI and VITTORIOSA after she developed engine failure when she was only 3-4 miles off Valletta. At 1902 hrs the local tug VITTORIOSA left Valletta bound to the vessel of which at 1919 hrs she was […]

Casualties – Grimaldi’s EUROCARGO TRIESTE fire – 21.11.2019

The 1997 built ro/ro cargo ship EUROCARGO TRIESTE suffered fire in engine room shortly after she left Livorno, Italy around 0130 UTC on Thursday November 21st. According to reports the engine room was sealed and fire fighting flooding system was activated. At the time of the incident the ship was around 4 nautical miles off […]