Cruise Liner – JULES VERNE

One of more than 5 ships named in honour of the French science fiction writer JULES VERNE was a cruise liner built in Spain. She was built as yard no 185 at Union Naval de Levante in 1990 for Commodore Cruise Line as CROWN MONARCH trading 1994 then sold to Crown Cruise Line , operating […]

Coronavirus – Ropax EL VENIZELOS hit by COVID-19 – 10.04.2020

Earlier this month more than 120 positive cases of COVID-19 amongst the 383 crew of the Anek Line’s ropax EL. VENIZELOS was officially confirmed. EL VENIZELOS underway to Malta around 25 nautical miles back to 11th October, 2017 She was going to serve as a floating hotel for Navantia shipyard workers in Cadiz, who had […]