Offshore News – 7 Solstad Vessels Sold For Scrapping – 05.10.2021

Solstad Offshore has sold seven older vessels for green recycling in Norway (Green Yard Feda and Green Yard Kleven) as part of the company’s rescue plan, which involves a divestment of 37 ships. The seven vessels are – FAR SOVEREIGN built by Langsten Slip & Batbyggeri, Norway as yard number 122 in 1999. Homeport is […]


On Monday 17th July 1988 the Maltese Company VIRTU FERRIES inaugurated a High Speed Passenger Service from Malta to Sicily chartering the 1988 Norwegian built and Norwegian flag and owned Surface Effect Ship (SES) VIRGIN BUTTERFLY. VIRGIN BUTTERFLY was built by Bygd av Brødrene Aa A/S, Hyen at Norway as Yard no 190 with 373 […]

Ships at Haifa, Israel in Week 46 of 2017. The following movements are covered by a friend at Haifa, Israel – Sunday 12th November, 2017. The 2011 built MHL flag cruise liner MARINA entered port coming from Messina, Sicily. She’s bearing imo 9438066. Thursday 16th November, 2017. The 2014 built NOR flag cruise liner VIKING STAR entered port from […]