Delivery – Service Operation Vessel (SOV) GRAMPIAN TYNE at Malta – April, 2023

Last April 2023 the North Star Group Hybrid Electric Service Operation Vessel (SOV), the first vessel in a series of four – GRAMPIAN TYNE called at Grand Harbour, Malta berthing at MMH Facilities for crew change, uplifting bunkers and stores/provisions. The DNV classed vessel with 79.9 metres loa, a moulded beam of 19 metres, a […]

STS Operation – LEDRA PRIDE fendering operation – 18.06.2020

Ship to ship cargo transfer operations are seen more and more as vessels’ size grows in comparison with ports’ and terminals’ size. In order to avoid the traffic bottle neck, many terminals and ports encourage the STS operation as a solution to delays. STS transfer constitutes one of the most common, but also high risk […]