Casualties – Sailing Catamaran NOMADE – 27th March 2002

On Sunday 7th April, 2002 the Civil Protection Department (CPD) fireboat GARIBALDI entered Grand Harbour, Malta towing a capsized 11 metre sailing catamaran NOMADE that capsized on Wednesday 27th March in rough weather around 37 miles offshore Malta with her French male solo crew that was rescued by the 1975 built Cypriot flag cargo ship […]

Malta Drydocks – 237 m Ore Bulk Oil (OBO) MARINE STAR – April 1991

On Friday 19th April the 1973 built ore bulk oil (obo) carrier MARINE STAR entered Grand Harbour, Malta berthing at the Tank Cleaning Farm (TCF) Facilities. She was built in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at Yokohama as yard no 934 named as ETERNAL LIGHT with Sanko Line, Japan. She was 237.70 metres as length […]

Obo – GENMAR SPIRIT at Malta – 31.05 – 23.06.2005

A type of ship which is not seen much around the Maltese Islands is an ore-bulk-oil carrier, also known as OBO. She’s a ship designed to be capable of carrying wet or dry cargoes. The idea is to reduce the number of ballast condition voyages, in which large ships only carry a cargo one way and return empty […]