Offshore – Jack Up Oil Rig KEY SINGAPORE laid up as from January 2021

The 1982 built jack up oil rig KEY SINGAPORE arrived from Hamriyah, Sharjah at the United Arab Emirates towed by the anchor handling tug/ supply ship A.H.LIGURIA arriving on Sunday 3rd January, 2021 around 1947 hrs anchoring offshore Malta. She was built in Singapore by Marathon Letourneau Offshore as KEY SINGAPORE and designed as a […]

Offshore – New Wind Foundation Installation Vessel ALFA LIFT launched in China – 28.02.2021

On Sunday 28th February, 2021 the semi-submersible heavy lift transportation and installation vessel ALFA LIFT was launched at the China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) Haimen Shipyard at Jiangsu, China for Norwegian based Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT). Designed by Ulstein, the ALFA LIFT is touted as the largest and most innovative offshore wind foundation installation vessel […]

Heavy Lift – Norwegian EAGLE and ALBATROS at Malta – Oct/Nov 2020

Semi-submersible heavy lift ships have a long and low well deck between a forward pilot house and an aft machinery space. In superficial appearance, it is somewhat similar to a dry bulker. Her ballast tanks can be flooded to lower the well deck below the water’s surface, allowing all type of vessels or other floating cargo to […]

Offshore Vessel CECON EXCELLENCE – Aerial Photography

An interesting vessel that was photographed from the air both in 2017 and 2020 is the hull of the offshore vessel CECON EXCELLENCE. Originally a class of 3 with CECON EXCELLENCE as the second unit built in Canada at Davie Shipyards, Quebec as Hull 718 for Cecon ASA but the company declared bankrupt in April […]

Offshore – Accomodation Platform TEMIS in the Mediterranean Sea – 26.12.2019

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) owned DP 3 accomodation vessel TEMIS was spotted opposite Zichron_Yaakov (the Israel/Lebanon border) on her spot without anchoring using her Dynamic Position system. The 84 x 32 metre TEMIS was last reported as transported from Singapore to Gabon during August 2018 by Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT) semi-submersible heavy load vessel […]

Arrival of Floating Dock NAZLAB – 10.05.2014

On 28th April 2014 Melita Marine Group, Malta took over a Floating Dock with 5,000 tons lifting capacity from Western Ship Repair Yard, Klaipeda part of the BLRT Grupp to be renamed NAZLAB. With a length overall of 102 meters, inside width 20 meters and draft over keel blocks of 6 meters, the dock at […]

Ships at Haifa, Israel in Week 49 of 2017. The following movements are covered by a friend at Haifa, Israel – Saturday 3rd December, 2017. The heavy load carrier EAGLE left the harbour and anchored at Haifa Anchorage loaded with the floating dock. Destination is Tampa, Florida, USA. The Royal Navy Flagship and amphibious assault ship HMS OCEAN […]

Ships at Haifa, Israel in Week 48 of 2017. The following movements are covered by a friend at Haifa, Israel – Tuesday 28th November, 2017. The 2005 built MLT flag chemical/oil products tanker MARINER A was spotted entering port assisted by local tugs AMATZIA II and ARIEL.  Later in the afternoon the Israeli built Cyprus Navy […]