Rescue – MELITA I called off Valletta – 02.11.2018

The 2011 built Interceptor 48 Pilot model pilot boat FOXTROT operating for the Malta Maritime Pilots called Valletta Port Control (VTS) stated that at 1118 hrs when in position off Grand Harbour she noticed a sailing dinghy with 1 person on board capsizing all the time and he can’t make it inside due to the […]

French Navy FS ACONIT F 713 calling off Malta. – 17.01.2018 The 1999 commissioned multi mission stealth frigate of the French Navy FS ACONIT F 713 called off 3 miles North East off Valletta (Grand Harbour), Malta on Wednesday 17th January, 2018 for a conveyance service with Pilot boat FOXTROT from 2231-2247 hrs. Originally to be […]

49 Foot Pilot Vessel Built sold to local market arrived in Malta. Yesterday, Saturday 9th December the 2017 built NLD flag and owned 122.80m long general cargo vessel SYMPHONY SUN entered Valletta, Malta for the first time full of boats chartered to Peters & May Yacht Transportation. She entered to discharge 3 boats including the […]