Offshore – Drillship TUNGSTEN EXPLORER at Malta – April 2019

One of the Ultra-Deepwater Drillships operated by the Houston-based offshore driller Vantage Drilling was the 2013 built BHS flag TUNGSTEN EXPLORER with a total length overall of 235 meters and could accommodate up to 200 people. The drillship could drill wells at depths up to 12,000 meters. During April 2019 she was spotted anchored at […]

Enemalta – Malta-Sicily Interconnector Repairs – Feb 2020

On the 23rd December 2019, the Malta-Sicily Interconnector suffered extensive damage which resulted in a nationwide powercut. The Interconnector is an important element of the energy mix for the supply of electricity for the Maltese Islands to ensure the security of supply and the economic production of electricity. With immediate action, Enemalta made all necessary […]

Hijacking – ACHILLE LAURO on 7th October 1985

34 Years Ago – on Monday 7th October 1985 the Italian passenger liner ACHILLE LAURO was hijacked by four men representing the Palestine Liberation Front off the coast of Egypt, while on passage from Alexandria to Ashdod, Israel. A 69 year old Jewish American man in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered by the hijackers and thrown overboard. The […]