Maltese Fortifications – Saint Anthony’s Battery at Qala, Gozo

One of only two surviving batteries on Gozo that was built by the Order of Saint John between 1731 and 1732 as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the coasts of the Maltese Islands is the SAINT ANTHONY’S BATTERY at Qala. It was built by the Order of Saint John on the eastern […]

Barges – Fireworks due to Vittoriosa Feast – 10.08.2021

On Wednesday 6th May, 2020 the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement announced in a press release that a limited permit will be granted for fireworks to be set off on the days that the local feast is usually celebrated. This decision was made after evaluating several aspects of the situation, primarily […]

High Speed Craft News – Ponte Ferries Cancel their Voyages to start – 06.08.2021

Ponte Ferries stated that it has been forced to delay the launch of her ferry service to Sicily due to a last-minute legal challenge with Sicilian authorities by “a competing operator”, which objected to her use of the Augusta Port. Virtu Ferries, which has been operating a Malta-Sicily service for the past 30 years, responded immediately […]

Casualties – Indonesian Navy Submarine sunk with all 53 souls – April 2021.

Debris believed to be from the missing Indonesian navy submarine KRI NANGGALA 402 has been found, Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Yudo Margono told a news conference on Saturday 24th April, 2021. Six pieces of debris believed to be from the submarine, which was lost in the Bali Sea on Wednesday, were presented to journalists.The latest update […]

Cruise Liner News – MSC OPERA denied entry to Malta – 06.03.2020

The Government of Malta and MSC Cruises have reached a mutual agreement that the cruise liner MSC OPERA will not enter Valletta, Malta’s port, according to a government statement. The government also said in a statement that “this decision has been taken following public alarm raised by misleading information given by a local media outlet […]