Naval News – Final Days of HMAS SIRIUS O 266 – 22.11.2021

HMAS SIRIUS O 266 the former Greek tanker DELOS built in 2004 and purchased by the Royal Australian Navy and converted into a fleet replenishment vessel is in her final days prior to decommissioning in December 2021. DELOS was built at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea as one from 6 of her class being built for the Greek Shipping Company Tsakos. She […]

Passers By – Naval Units during January 2021

Various naval units pass the Malta-Sicily straits like other ships and to mention some – New Year started with an interesting Russian Navy Vessel – SB 565 PROFESSOR NIKOLAY MURU, a 2014 built and June 2015 commissioned rescue ship on passage from Astrakhan, East Russia bound to West Russia stopping for few days off Pantelleria, […]

Iran Tensions – Panama Confirms Tanker Seized by Iran Was Smuggling Oil – 21.07.2019

Panama’s Maritime Administration (AMP) condemned Sunday the use of Panamanian flagged (PAN) ships for illicit acts, confirming that the tanker RIAH seized by Iran was in fact smuggling oil. Last week the tanker RIAH, stopped transmitting its location on Saturday while sailing through the Strait of Hormuz. Her last known location was in Iranian waters. “We […]

Malta Naval Visits – USNS JOHN LENTHALL T-AO 189 – 07.04 – 29.04.2004

USNS JOHN LENTHALL T-AO 189 is a replenishment ship of the United States Navy. She was launched on 9th August 1986 and entered service on 25th July 1987. She entered Valletta on Wednesday 7th April 2004 berthing starboard side alongside to Parlatorio Wharf, Malta Drydocks. It was her second call to Malta, the first one […]

Naval News – Dynamic Manta Exercise 2019

NATO’s Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA 2019 (DYMA 19) naval assets started building up for the exercise off the Sicilian coast. DYNAMIC MANTA remains to be one of the most challenging exercises for NATO. It provides NATO nations’ with an excellent opportunity for their forces to practice together in a pure joint environment and simultaneously […]

Naval News – RFA TIDESURGE A 138 commissioned – 20.02.2019

The Royal Navy formally welcomed RFA TIDESURGE A 138 her newest fleet replenishment tanker, in a ceremony at Greenock’s Ocean Terminal on Wednesday, February 20th. She’s a Tide Class Replenishment ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). The 39,000-tonne vessel is the third of a planned four TIDE Class Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) […]