Demolitioned Naval Vessels – FS RHIN A621 – 24.11.2018

A 621 RHIN  was a mobile logistics support vessel built for the French Navy. She was launched in 1964. She belonged to a class of five vessels to be used as a mobile logistics support force within a fleet supply force. The RHIN was a MSLF vessel specialized in electronics and usually as a stock of […]

Demolitioned Naval Vessels – FS ACONIT D 609 – 24.11.2018

D609 ACONIT was a unique frigate Type F65 built for the French Navy  during the Cold War. She was commissioned in 1973 and served until 1997 after she was succeeded by the Tourville Class Frigates.  She was laid down at the Arsenal de Lorient on 22 March 1968, launched on 7 March 1970 and commissioned […]