Naval Ships – HNLMS GOUWE A 878

The last remaining tug of Linge class of the Royal Netherlands Navy  is the 1997 built tug HNLMS GOUWE A 878. The Linge Class was used at the Nieuwe Haven Naval Base to assist naval units but in 1994 it was decided that these ships were not capable enough anymore to handle the newer larger […]

Malta Naval Visits – BNS LEOPOLD I – 06.05.2021

The second naval unit to visit the Maltese Islands during 2021 was the Karel Doorman Class Frigate F 930 LEOPOLD I  of the Marine Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. She was here on Thursday 6th May coming from Abu Dhabi passing breakwaters at 1014 hrs. Prior to 29th March 2007, the ship was known as HNLMS KAREL DOORMAN F […]

Naval News – Chilean Navy with new ships – 15.04.2020

Australia officially transferred 2 former Adelaide Class frigates Melbourne (FFG 05) and Newcastle (FFG 06) to the Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile). A commissioning ceremony took place on Wednesday 15th April, 2020 at the HMAS Watson naval base in Sydney. Both ships, based on the USN Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigate were decommissioned in 2019 […]

Casualties – HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE – 06.03.1987

On Friday night of 6th March 1987, the 1980 German built ferry HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE capsized few minutes after she left Zeebrugge Port, Belgium at 1920 hrs bound to Dover, UK killing 193 passengers and crew, of the 539 people aboard. The eight deck car and passenger ferry, owned by British Townsend Thoresen, had […]

Naval News – Dynamic Manta Exercise 2019

NATO’s Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MANTA 2019 (DYMA 19) naval assets started building up for the exercise off the Sicilian coast. DYNAMIC MANTA remains to be one of the most challenging exercises for NATO. It provides NATO nations’ with an excellent opportunity for their forces to practice together in a pure joint environment and simultaneously […]