Towage – BREB XIAN brought to Malta – 19.04.2023

On Wednesday 19th April, 2023 the 1999 built general cargo ship BREB XIAN was towed to Malta for gearbox repairs at Palumbo Malta Shipyards by the 1992 built tug PAUL.                                           BREB XIAN was coming […]

Palumbo Malta Shipyard – Barge BENEDETTA from 15.07 to 11.08.2022

On Friday 15th July the 1974 built ITA flag and owned 40.70 m barge BENEDETTA towed by the 1992 built ITA flag and owned tug PAUL which is a familiar tug in our territorial waters arrived off Grand Harbour (OGH) to be handed over to local tugs for drydocking at Dock 4. BENEDETTA was built […]

Towage – Disabled Dutch Ship LINGEDIJK brought to Malta by tugboat PAUL

On Saturday 1st September, 2018 the 1992 built ITA flag and owned tugboat PAUL was seen towing the 2010 built NLD flag and owned general cargo ship LINGEDIJK to a position of 2 miles off Valletta so that the tow will be passed to Tug Malta tugs LIENI and PAWLINA with the vessel taking a […]