Passer By – DIAN KINGDOM engaged in towing – 08.08.2020

On Saturday 8th August the 2015 built tug DIAN KINGDOM engaged in towing operations was spotted passing by 65 nautical miles North East (NE) off Malta She was towing the 1998 built offshore supply ship HIGHLAND ROVER for her final voyage from Corporation Quay at Sunderland, UK bound to breakers for scrap at Aliaga, Turkey. […]

BLOW FROM THE PAST – KOMMANDOR JACK at Malta KOMMANDOR JACK was built in 1961 at Bremerhaven (Germany) by Weser AG as the fishing trawler VIKINGBANK until 1970. In 1976 she was converted into a research vessel and renamed VALDIVIA and was used as a research diving support vessel jointly by the Institut fur Meereskunde,Hamburg and the […]