Yacht Transport – Fagelgracht once again at Malta – 21.11.2023

On Tuesday 21st November the 2011 built multi purpose carrier cargo ship FAGELGRACHT was seen again at Malta during Yacht Transport Operations. First time to see her at Malta was back to 3 years ago, during the month of November too and berthed at Magazine Wharf as per below image. Sailing Yachts TIPSY GYPSY and […]

Yacht Transport – HC Melina – 15.04.2020

On Wednesday 15th April, 2020 the 2011 built MPP HC MELINA entered Grand Harbour, Malta with yachts for loading 2 units and discharging 4 units. She was secured at Magazine Wharf at 0445 hrs after duty pilot boarded at 0355 hrs. The first operation was the discharging of the Beneteau Oceanis 60 sailing yacht NOUS. […]

Yacht Transportation – DEO VOLENTE at Malta again in June & July 2022

The Star Class Yacht Transport Carrier DEO VOLENTE was seen again at Malta delivering yachts. The second 2022 call was back to Tuesday 7th June, a public holiday in Malta for discharging 2 Motor Yachts. This included the Polish motor yacht JUPOLY. Upon discharging back to the sea, she shifted to Grand Harbour Marina to […]

Yacht Transportation – EEMS VOYAGER – 20.04.2021

On Tuesday 20th April, 2021 the 2012 built MPP cargo ship EEMS VOYAGER entered Grand Harbour, Malta around 1225 hrs during her maiden call full of yachts for Sevenstar Yacht Transport Operations. She was built in China by Zhejiang Zhenyu Shipbuilding at Xiangshan as EUROPEAN VOYAGER trading until May 2014 when she was renamed as […]

Cargo Ships at Valletta, Malta –  Week 28 of 2018.

The following are movements within Week 28 – Sunday 8th July, 2018. At 0254 hrs the 1979 built BLZ flag cement carrier GOLDEN BAY entered Valletta berthing at Laboratory Wharf. At 1420 hrs the 1982 built PAN flag cargo ship NS DANTE left Valletta from Laboratory Wharf South 2.  Monday 9th July, 2018. At 1033 hrs the 1983 built ALB flag […]

Yacht Transport – Sevenstar Operations at Malta  – 06.06.2018. The 1995 built multi purpose (MPP) vessel ELANDSGRACHT entered Valletta, Malta to berth at Pinto 1 and 2 wharves on Wednesday 6th June, 2018 early morning.     Below are images of the vessel chartered by Sevenstar Yacht Transport berthed –   She had 3 boats on deck – […]

YACHTING – Sunseeker 86 Yacht SAM K  During the day of the 3rd August 2016 the 2008 built ATG flag general cargo ship NORMED ANTWERPEN entered Valletta to discharge yachts including the 26.3 metre luxury yacht SAM K. NORMED ANTWERPEN was represented in Malta by O&S Shipping (http://www.oands.com.mt/)  SAM K was built in the United […]