21 June 2023






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The world’s largest ocean-going wooden hull tall ship , built as a replica of an 18th Century vessel , GOTEBORG entered Grand Harbour, Malta on Friday 14th October during a 2 year voyage from Sweden to Shanghai.

While she was entering  a gun salute was done from the ship and answered from Valletta’s Saluting Battery.

The Expedition Director , Mr. Kristoffer Bennis said it was the first time the vessel visited Malta and that the crew were overwhelmed by the welcome. In fact Malta was the 12th destination on the ship’s voyage.

She is a sailing replica of the Swedish East India GOTHEBORG (I) launched in 1738 . All sailors survived when the original ship sank off Gothenburg, Sweden, on 12th September 1745, while approaching the harbour on her return from a third voyage to China.

Construction of the replica started in 1995, with the hull launched in 2003, and the rig fully tested for the first time in 2005. Much of the time was spent researching how to rebuild the replica. The vessel was built using old, traditional techniques, and she was made as close to the original as possible. One small change was that the headroom of the deck was increased by 10 cm, since today’s seamen are taller than their ancestors

In 2008, she completed the first Baltic Sea Tour and she’s the world’s largest operational wooden sailing ship.

She left Malta on Tuesday 18th October, 2022.

During her stay she was berthed at Valletta Cruise Port  – which they are our SPONSORS too for a lifetime.



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