3 July 2023






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The European Union (EU) has provided further details of its latest package of sanctions against Russia.

Ships caught carrying out ship to ship (STS) transfers of price cap breaking Russian oil in European waters will be banned from EU ports. The bloc has also said it will prohibit access to EU ports for vessels if a vessel does not notify the competent authority at least 48 hours in advance about a ship to ship transfer operation occurring within the exclusive economic zone of a member state or within 12 nautical miles from the baseline of that member state’s coast.

Moreover, the decision has been taken to ban access to EU ports for vessels that manipulate or turn off their automatic identification system (AIS) when transporting Russian oil subject to the oil import ban or G7 price cap. These provisions go into effect on July 24.

Within EU waters in the 17 months since the war in Ukraine started, Russian oil has been transferred from smaller tankers onto larger ships most off Greece and Spain.

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