3 November 2022






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The exhibition “Rimorchiatori Riuniti From Genoa to the world – 100 years anniversary ” was inaugurated on Sunday 30th October, at the Galata Museo del Mare-Mu. world of shipping at Genoa, Italy. Emotional video stories, models and a selection of paintings accompany the visitor through the most important stages in the history of the Group.

It was inaugurated by the deputy mayor Pietro Piciocchi , by the president of Rimorchitori Riuniti Gregorio Gavarone , by Giovanni Dellepiane , one of the past presidents of the company, by the president and director director of the Mu.MA, respectively Nicoletta Viziano and Pierangelo Campodonico , the exhibition will remain opened until January 9th, 2023. Collateral initiatives are planned: the “Tuesdays of the Tugs” and guided tours of the Di Molo in Molo route and the area of ​​Ponte Parodi-Darsena Bacinetto di Carenaggio

“Rimorchiatori Riuniti From Genoa to the world 100 years anniversary” is the exhibition project conceived by Rimorchiatori Riuniti with the collaboration of Mu.MA and the Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare. Born from an idea of ​​Gregorio Gavarone, president of Rimorchiatori Riuniti, the exhibition takes the visitor on an immersive journey that integrates with the atmosphere of the room, dedicated to the history of the Marina Militare Italiana ( Italian Navy ), specially set up for the occasion.

This exhibition is intended as a tribute to all the people who, since 1922, have contributed to the success of Rimorchiatori Riuniti on international markets, if our Group has been able to achieve extraordinary results it is thanks to the contribution and commitment of all its employees that , over the years, they have accompanied the group on its path of growth declared Gregorio Gavarone. We are very happy – said Campodonico – to host the Rimorchiatori Riuniti exhibition at the Galata Museo del Mare. A company with an ancient history, which crosses the twentieth century to reach us, in the field of shipping and port services. Animated by unforgettable characters, such as Giovanni Gavarone, known as “U sciù Giovanni”, historical exponent of a class of shipowners who lived through crises, passed a world war with the annihilation of its fleet, but who managed to pass the baton and with the families, Gavarone and Dellepiane together with all the shareholders, it has come down to us as an excellence. I like to think that our museum is a two-faced Janus looking to the past on one side and the future on the other: partners like Rimorchiatori Riuniti help us do just that.

Tugs CICLONE built in 1970; GENUA built in 1962 and GIUSEPPE PANFIDO built in 1971, all at Valletta, Malta.

The exhibition unfolds through a sensorial set-up that accompanies the visitor through the centennial history of the Genoese Group. Three large video projections tell the story of the port towing segment within some of the main world airports where the Group operates. Also on display is a selection of models representative of the evolution of the fleet for towing operations , arranged inside display cases in front of which are positioned touch monitors with information and multimedia contents on the history of the Group and on the characteristics of the models on display.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, until 9th January, thanks to the collaboration between the Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group, the Mu.MA and the Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare, some collateral initiatives are planned: the “Tuesdays of the Tugs”, Tuesday 8 , 15, 22 and 29 November, the price of the ticket to visit the Museum will be 6 Euros instead of 17.

Saturday 12 November and Sunday 11 December from 9.30 to 12.30 visit to the Di Molo in Molo path and to the Ponte Parodi-Darsena-Bacinetto di Carenaggio area, accompanied by the architect Guido Rosato, co-founder member of the inGE Association. At the end or after lunch, free visit to the Galata Museo del Mare. The proposal, which includes a guided walk between calate and old piers and a visit to the Museum, valid until closing time at 18, has a cost of 12 euros per participant for the Museum and 2 euros, to be paid directly to the Association inGE, for the rental of the radio guide. Reservations by 12 noon on the previous Friday, by writing to [email protected]. Di Molo in Molo is a walking itinerary to discover how the port worked between 800 and 900 and what its transformations have been over time. We start from the still visible traces of what the ancient port area was for Genoa – which from a port operational space has been transformed into an integral and vital part of the urban fabric. It illustrates buildings, vehicles, equipment, technologies and sources of energy, work, people and what is still preserved of the ancient city. Together with history, you learn to read the landscape, to imagine sounds, noises, stories and to reflect on the man-machine relationship.

Opening hours of the Galata Museo del Mare: Until 28 February the museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 18 (last admission at 17); Saturday and Sunday & holidays from 10am to 7pm (last admission 6pm). Tickets: Galata Museum of the Sea and Nazario Sauro Submarine: full price 17 euros; reduced 12, schools 7.50 euros, families 38 euros. Special promotion “Tuesdays of the Tugs”, from Tuesday 8 November to Tuesday 29 November, visit to the museum for 6 euros instead of 17.

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Published – Thursday 3rd November, 2022

All Photographs with others in archives are AGAINST PAYMENT so feel free to email us with your requirements.

Watermarked Photos are by Capt. Lawrence Dalli otherwise stated. NO PHOTOS can be used or manipulated without our permission.
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