1 February 2022






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On Tuesday 1st February, 2022 around 1420 hrs the 80 metre general cargo ship TUGRA reported to Valletta VTS that she’s dragging anchor and Not In Command and requested a tugboat for assistance. TUGRA radio officer advised both bunkering tankers ENDO SIROCCO and SANTA MARIA regarding the situation.

At 1440 hrs the anchored bunkering tanker SANTA MARIA reported to VTS that TUGRA is out from Bunkering Area 4 with course 90′.

1455 hrs – VTS asked TUGRA several safety questions including Both Anchors were safely lifted up; engine working But rudder out of order. Meanwhile tugboat WENZINA was calling the vessel which was few miles away from her.

1508 hrs – WENZINA was fast to TUGRA and asked many times what was the instructions which way to proceed since there was a language barrier and at 1510 hrs WENZINA contacted Valletta VTS of which they were waiting for instructions from High Authorities. Meanwhile Master of WENZINA advised TUGRA radio officer twice to advise his crew to remove from forward towing station.

1513 hrs – From Valletta VTS to WENZINA that permission from Deputy Harbour Master is that TUGRA has to go back to Bunkering Area 4 to drop anchors but tugboat has to remain there for any assistance.

1518 hrs – From Valletta VTS to WENZINA anchorage position is 035′ 49.95 N and 014′ 35.50 E .

1522 hrs – TUGRA to WENZINA advised to let go off the line to go drifting while WENZINA reported this to Valletta VTS of which TUGRA radio officer confirmed that he wanted master to let go. In the meantime VTS was calling the vessel several times of which TUGRA reported that rudder is now functioning as he forgot to open valves so that it can function ( VERY IRRESPONSIBLE)

1531 hrs – From VTS to TUGRA asked several times if the radio officer is the Master but did not understand, so he confirmed that ship is in Full Control and VTS instructed the ship to drift 5 miles offshore and release the tugboat.

1623 hrs – WENZINA entered back at Marsaxlokk Harbour.

1646 hrs – TUGRA informed Valletta VTS that she will start drifting in her current position.

Below images are of the vessel TUGRA berthed at Laboratory Wharf South 2 back to December 2019 shortly after she was acquired by her Turkish Company –

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Published – Tuesday 1st February ,2022.

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