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One of the Italian powerful anchor handling tug (aht) around is the 2006 built CARLO MAGNO.

She was built in Italy by Cantieri Navale Rosetti Marino Spa at Ravenna, launched on 7th September 2005 and completed on 27th February, 2006 built to a Rolls-Royce Marine UT514L design and handed over in March 2006. She’s 55.4 metres long with a beam of 15.5 metres and maximum draft of 5.20 metres. It meets the RINA class requirements for C+supply vessel; tug; salvage tug; fire fighting Class 1 with water spray.

CARLO MAGNO is a twin screw tug powered by two Wartsila 8L32 engines rated 4,000kW each at 750rpm (approx 10,870 bhp), capable of running on gasoil or heavy fuel oil for maximum economy. Each main engine is coupled to a 3.6m controllable pitch propeller rotating within a fixed nozzle. Each main engine is also coupled, via the main propulsion gearboxes, to a 1,250kVA shaft generator. A further power takeoff at the front end of each engine is coupled to the fire pumps for the external FiFi 1 system. Two diesel driven auxiliary generators are installed, an emergency alternator of 88kVA and a harbour set rated at 187kVA. The latter is required to provide electrical power for the ship when the main engines and shaft generators are not in operation. Ulstein ‘high-lift flap’ rudders are installed and manoeuvrability is enhanced further with the installation of two electrically powered Ulstein TT 1300 DPN-CP transverse bow thrusters.

Drydocked at Palumbo Malta Shipyard Dock 5 on 24th February, 2016.

Her deadweight is 1,907 tons and has tank capacity for 140m³ of ballast water, 150m³ of fresh water, 1,250m³of heavy fuel oil and 250m³ of marine gasoil. The cargo deck area is 300m² and the maximum weight of deck cargo is 500 tons. A single Braatvag twin drum, waterfall style winch Type SL 120W-BSL 120W is fitted for towing and anchor handling.

On Monday 15th February, 2016 she was seen entering Grand Harbour, Malta towing the deck cargo pontoon AMT TRADER bound to Palumbo Malta Shipyard.

When the mother container ship EVER GIVEN went aground in the Suez Canal in March 2021 CARLO MAGNO was chartered from Smit Salvage to do the salvage operation.

And on Monday 12th April, 2021 she uplifted bunkers at Bunkering Area 6

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