24 April 2020






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The 1980 built Italian tug MELILLI is still going strong currently operating at Pozzallo Port, Sicily. She was built by Cantiere Navale Giorgetti at Viareggio, Italy as yard no 28 for Augustea Imprese Marittime e di Salvataggi Spa.

Her dimensions are 27.61 metres long with 7.32 metres beam and 3.37 metres as maximum draught powered by 1 Polar F26R-D engine 6 cylinder with controllable pitch propeller. Her GRT is 149 tons while DWT is 100 tons.

Leaving Pozzallo Port back to 19th June 1999.

Augustea Imprese Marittime e di Salvataggi Spa disposed MELILLI from the fleet on 30th March, 2008.

Later she was sold to Castalia , the Italian Marine Ecology Department that since 1986 with an agreement with the Environment Ministry the company has been providing emergency antipollution services for the safeguarding of Italian seas and coasts, with a fleet consisting of coasting and oceangoing vessels deployed in Italy in major ports and in the vicinity of the most sensitive areas of the sea from the environmental point of view.

Retaining the same name, she emerged as yellow hull like all Castalia vessels.

At Augusta, Sicily for repairs back to 4th March,2018.

In May 2011 at Punta Favaloro, Lampedusa MELILLI recovered 300 litres of oil mixed with water after a grounding vessel and remediation of the surrounding water with absorbent booms.

Currently based at Pozzallo Port and she performs daily patrols service for the VEGA A Oilfield in the Sicily Strait.

Entering Pozzallo Port on 4th February, 2019.

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Published – Friday 24th April 2020

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