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VENEZIA LINES  is a high speed ferry  operator that operated its first trip in May 2003 in the North Adriatic. It links the North Adriatic’s coasts of Italy and Croatia.

Venezia Lines Ltd is sister company to VIRTU FERRIES Ltd, a Maltese owned company with over 25 years experience in providing a high speed catamaran services in various countries across Europe. including Malta-Sicily; Venice-Istria and Spain-Morocco.

Venezia Lines high speed vessels, SAN FRANGISK and SAN PAWL  are air cushion catamarans which combine the most advanced characteristics of catamarans and hover crafts.

The air cushion, set up by fans, and trapped by the hulls and the skirts, lifts the craft and reduces the draught. Thus, water resistance and power consumption are significantly reduced. The ship is highly manoeuvrable, and literally turns around “on a coin”. It can even move sideways by diverting directional air from the cushion.

VENEZIA LINES High Speed Vessels offer a faster, safer and more reliable crossing between Venice and Croatia contributing to the main pillar of the company’s success on these ever popular routes in the Northern Adriatic.

Below are images of the 1989 built Air Cushion Vehicle (ACC) SAN FRANGISK entering Valletta, Malta back to 9th April, 2013 –


And below are images  the 1990 built Air Cushion Vehicle (ACC) SAN PAWL leaving Valletta, Malta back to 12th May, 2014 –


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