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Scrapping of ships is not too common in Italy, and secondly ships idling especially here at Porto Di Augusta like this one were involved in some irregularities and subsequently detained, due to unpaid port dues or involvement in an illegal act (e.g. smuggling).

Italian bureaucracy is extremely inflated and slow, and to get a ship free again may sometimes be too expensive compared with the value of the vessel or take decades until the case is solved, and meanwhile the ship is of course rotten away. But as long as the case is legally not entirely settled, and ownership thus unclear, nobody may touch or move this ship.

Various ships are idling at the inner part of the harbour further down the Golden Bay including WWII ships.

On of the interesting ships is the German built Fr.Lürssen at Vegesack in 1967 as FRITRE, one of 8 identical sisters now named as FLASH with Cambodia Flag (KHM).

FRINES – Fr. Lürssen Werft, Bremen/Vegesack.
GRT 2831 / 4435 tdw.
1967: FRITRE – Botvid Ohlsson, Oslo
1972: FRITRE – I/S Fritre (Victor L.Schage), Oslo
1973: FRINES – A/S Kristian Jebsens Rederi, Bergen
1977: ISNES – Isskip H/f, Reykjavik
1982: ALBERTO DORMIO – Dubhe SpA. di Nav. (Giuseppe Dormio), Italia
1989: OCEAN WOOD – Consorcio Naviero Kariba S.A., Costa Rica
1992: MARINA I – Leone Cia. Naviera S.A., St.Vincent
1994: MARINA I – Ocean Wood SarL., Lebanon
1995: MARINA I – Thalassa International S.A., St.Vincent
1997: UNITY X – Thalassa International S.A., St.Vincent
1999: FOTINOULA – Agios Fanourios Maritime Co. (E.Ventouris), Greece
2003: FLASH – Master Marine Shipping Services Co., Greece/Cambodia

She was abandoned last 6th October 2004.

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