31 July 2023






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One of the few surviving yachts of her era, is no doubt the classic 58.8 metre steel superyacht MARALA. She has a fascinating story of 1930’s elegance, German U-boats, and Hollywood glamour. Built by Camper and Nicholsons in 1931, she has had unusually few owners for her age, meaning her character, basic layout and original engines have all been preserved. However, many modifications have been made to her superstructure and interior throughout her life, most notably when she was converted for naval service during World War II. Beloved by several notable Owners, guardian of wartime naval crew and host to distinguished guests such as Salvador Dali, Frank Sinatra, and international royalty, she is now a historical icon infused with character from each era of her life.

She was first seen in Malta back to July 2017 where she was drydocked inside Floating Dock NAZLAB –

Since there was no space for floating repairs she was seen moored at Bezzina Ship Repair Yard as per below images –

Bezzina Ship Repair Yard (BSRY) is part of BEZZINA GROUP – which they are our SPONSORS too.

In 2016 her new owner sought to have her meticulously restored. Her Captain remarked “Marala’s new Owner recognised the rare opportunity to own a Camper & Nicholsons classic motor yacht but understood that her essential structural requirements would impact her interior, meaning it would be wise to address engineering updates at the same time.

So a new journey started with 2 Phases, one at Malta and the other at UK superyacht specialist Pendennis Shipyard for modifications.

In fact on Thursday 28th June 2018 she was seen entering floating dock NAZLAB assisted by Pilot Boat FOXTROT and the Floating Dock Boats TUG 1 and TUG 2 as per below images –


Stage one saw two years of work undertaken in Malta by Melita Marine Group which included a newly appointed crew mess, crew cabins and an extensive rebuild of the classic motor yacht’s original 1930’s M.A.N. engines.

Work at Malta was carried out by Melita Marine Group – which they are our SPONSORS too.

Then during July, 2019 the 209 metre semi submersible heavy load carrier YACHT EXPRESS (YE) arrived at Malta for loading operations of MARALA.

YACHT EXPRESS entered Grand Harbour at 2125 hrs on Saturday 27th July –

Her berth was at Magazine Wharf with few metres overhanging and the following day on Sunday 28th the interesting loading operation started, by flooding the ship first.


Then the classic yacht MARALA assisted by Pilot Boats FOXTROT and OHIO together with the floating dock boats TUG 1 and TUG 2 was seen shifting from Coal Wharf towards the YE.



After she was aligned MARALA was towed to her final place as a deck cargo.

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And during May, 2023 she returned to Malta mooring stern to St.Angelo Wharf, part of Grand Harbour Marina –


Grand Harbour Marina (GHM)  are our SPONSORS too for a lifetime.

And on Friday 9th June, 2023 she shifted to Pinto 3 Wharf, part of Valletta Cruise Port for uplifting bunkers.



Valletta Cruise Port  – are our SPONSORS too for a lifetime.



During her stay in Malta , surveyors for MARALA is NAS (Naval Architectural Services) –    which are our SPONSORS too for a lifetime



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