24 April 2023






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The 82 metre superyacht PURE was seen at Malta moored at Grand Harbour Marina during April, 2023. In fact she entered Grand Harbour on Saturday 1st April at 1610 hrs during her maiden call coming from Monaco and moored stern to St. Angelo Wharf.


She’s the former SARAFSA built in 2008 by Devonport Yachts, UK. Basically she is the second yacht named  SARAFSA, the first one was built in 1998 sold in December 2007 and renamed as FARIBANA V

SARAFSA uplifting bunkers at Grand Harbour, whilst berthed at Pinto 3 Wharf, VISET now Valletta Cruise Port back in July 2008.

She is powered by 2 MTU Diesel Engines  that give her a cruising speed of 14 knots and full speed of 16.5 knots.

In April 2023 she was sold and renamed as PURE  which during her time of the sale the yacht SARAFSA  had a last known asking price of €65,000,000.

She left Valletta on Saturday 15th April, 2023 at 1040 hrs bound to Monaco.

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